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"Parijata Jain the artist behind I Felt Design Studio” is a Cleveland, OH based professional henna artist with over 9 years of experience with henna body art! She is experienced with both traditional and modern henna styles, Arabic and Moroccan styles, as well as Western tattoo style body art. Parijata has provided henna for brides and weddings, parties of all sizes, photo shoots & editorial work, individuals, and much more!"

Sufiya- Bridal Henna

I had such a good experience with Pari. The mehndi came out
beautiful. I love everything. She is so sweet, so caring and made sure that the mehndi was nice, but also that I was comfortable. So thank you so much.

Ruth- Bridal Henna

Pari did an excellent job, and I love the sparkles. She takes all of your
interests into account every step of the way. She was asking, is this okay? Do you want this? Do you want to add in your own element? She in very artistic and creative and followed my pictures very well
to the T, and she was explaining the Indian culture to me and why it is so important. It was just an overall great experience. She is a great host and a great artist.

Riya - Bridal Henna

She did an amazing job. She was so prompt, so professional. She listened to everything I wanted, and she was even better than what I expected with my head up. It was so amazing. I would recommend her
to everybody

Karen- Henna Tattoo

So, I have my next tattoo in line that she just drew on my arm. My
peanut for my oldest, my sweet pea vine for my sweet pea, my monkey for my little monkey, and my
little ladybug for my last little girl that I had born. This is going to be my next permanent tattoo. Thank you.

Lily- Bridal Henna

My Henna came out good.  It's Very delicate and total art- work that I really enjoyed. Even though it was a very long session. I didn't feel even like because, it was so fun to watch. It is a fascinating design.

Thank you.

Rachel- Bridal Henna

Pari is the best. She did my bridal henna, my bridesmaids my wedding guest and we feel beautiful. I would love to use her services in the future.

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